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How You Can Help Your Child

You can't cure Meniere's disease. But you can help your child feel better.

Help your child avoid things that might cause a Meniere's attack.
Certain things cause some people with Meniere's disease to have a Meniere's attack. These things are called triggers. Some common triggers are:

  • stress
  • salty foods, like cheese, pizza, and soy sauce. Ask your doctor for a list of foods to avoid.
  • alcohol
  • caffeine. Things that have caffeine are coffee, tea and soda.
  • allergies
  • sugar
  • being pregnant
  • looking at parallel lines

Help your child deal with the tinnitus
You can't usually cure tinnitus. But there are things you can do to help:

  • Put on some music or static on a radio station. This can help take your child's mind off the tinnitus.
  • A hearing aid can be helpful for hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • If nothing else works, have your child try a special hearing aid called a tinnitus masker.

Help your child with the hearing loss
The hearing loss that comes with Meniere's disease can be treated the same way as most other hearing loss. Depending on the amount of hearing loss, hearing aids or a cochlear implant might help.

Have your child try things that make the symptoms less bad.
Have your child exercise. Exercising often can also help with all 4 symptoms.

If the symptoms of Meniere's disease do not get better with diet, or go away by themselves, ask your doctor about medicine or surgery that can help your child. Medicines and surgery can help the dizziness, but not the hearing loss or tinnitus.

Learn more about Meniere's disease
Check out these websites to find out more about Meniere's disease:

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