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Privacy Policy

Read our privacy policy to find out what information we get, and how we protect your privacy.

What a privacy policy is
A privacy policy tells you:

  • What information we get from the website.
  • How we use that information.
  • What we do to protect your privacy

How you should use this privacy policy

  • Read this policy.
  • Know what happens to the information you give us.
  • Read the privacy policies of the websites that we link to. Other websites may have different policies.

How we get information

  • Surveys
    • Our surveys may ask you for some information about you. For example, we might ask how many children you have, or how you communicate with your baby.
    • How we protect your privacy

      We won't ask you for information like your name or address.

  • Polls
    • Our polls may ask you what you think about something. For example, we may ask you how you communicate with your child.
    • How we protect your privacy

      We won't ask you for information like your name or address.

  • Decision-making tool
    • The decision-making tool is a special program that helps you find pages and links to other information you may want to read.
    • This tool asks you questions about your child
    • The decision-making tool asks you what things are important to you. This helps us guide you to the information you may find most useful.
    • How we protect your privacy

      We won't ask you for information like your name or address.

  • IP addresses
    • We keep a list of the IP addresses of everyone who visits us. An IP address is a number that describes where your computer is on the Internet.
    • We use the IP address only to keep people from breaking into our website.
    • How we protect your privacy

      We won't connect your IP address to your other personal information, like your e-mail address.

  • E-mailed questions
    • Sometimes you may e-mail us questions. Some e-mails may have personal information.
    • How we protect your privacy

      • We won't tell other people what you say in your e-mails.
      • We won't give your e-mail address to anyone else.
  • Message boards
    • Message boards are places on our website where people can write messages to each other.
    • Anyone may write a response to a message he or she sees.
    • Anyone who goes to the message board can read what's written there.
    • Don't put information you don't want everyone to see in your messages
    • Some companies go to message boards and copy all the e-mail addresses there. They may use the addresses to send you e-mails you don't want. We can't stop companies from doing this. But we want you to understand what could happen if you join a message board.
    • How we protect your privacy

      • We won't share personal information from the message boards with others unless you give us permission.
      • You don't have to use your name to write a message. You can make up a name, like "supermom."
  • "Cookies"
    • Cookies are pieces of information that your computer uses to "talk" with a website.

      How we protect your information

      • Our cookies won't connect your personal information to the information you give in other places, like surveys or polls.
      • We won't keep track of cookies.

What we do with your information

  • Make our site better
    • Knowing more about you helps us give you more information you want to see.
  • Gather information for research projects on deafness
    • We'll use the information that we get to do other projects.
    • We hope these projects will help parents of deaf children like you.

What else we do to keep your information private

  • We only collect information that we need for research projects, and to make this website better.
  • We don't share any information with companies or advertisers.
  • Only the webmaster can get to the server. The server is the computer that stores all the information about the website.
  • We get information on visitors to the site as a group. We don't get information on individual people.
  • We won't connect personal information you might give us with information that we get online.
  • If we use any of your information in another project, we won't say who you are.

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