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Denise is a student at a private high school. This is a story she wrote when she was in 5th grade. Contact us if you want us to respond to Denise or ask her questions.

September 11, 1997

The Pleasure of Living in a Quiet World - But Still Communicating with Others
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I was born deaf so I do not hear noise, many sounds or talking. I do not know what it's like to be hearing, but I know what it's like to be deaf. It is nice to live in a quiet world. When I use my hearing aids, the noise bothers my ears. The cafeteria is the loudest place at school. Sometimes I turn off my hearing aids. I am lucky that I can stop the noise!

Deaf kids can do many things but sometimes we must work harder like when we learn to talk and read lips. To help myself, I go to the speech room to learn how to talk. Mrs. Johnson teaches me how to make sounds the right way. I practice a lot so I can talk to people with my voice and understand people who don't know sign language.

Many deaf people use sign language to communicate to each other and to hearing people who know sign language too. Sign language is as easy for me to talk to my family as speech is for hearing people. My dad and my brother need to learn more sign language, but they try their best. Some deaf kids live with families who do not know sign language. I think it is fun to be deaf when other people communicate with me.

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