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Learning to Write

Learning to write is one of the most important things your child can do. Find out about how kids learn to write and how you can help your child.

Children learn things before they learn how to write.

  • They watch people write.
  • They draw scribbles.
  • This is a child pretending to write.


  • If a child has learned ASL, his English grammer may not be good.
  • First, tell him that his doing a good job!. Then help him with his grammer.

How children learn to write
Children learn to write in steps. They learn:

  1. Letters make sounds.
  2. Letters put together make words.
  3. Words put together mean something.
  4. How to spell the words.
  5. All English sentences have at least one subject and verb.
  6. About the different kinds of nouns and verbs, and other parts of speech.
  7. How to use grammar and punctuation.

Children (and adults) are always learning new words.

  • Children learn how to spell with rhymes and by spelling words over and over.
  • Children learn new words by finding out what the word means and using the word in a sentence.

Children start off by writing short stories and paragraphs.

  • Soon they are writing reports, essays, and long stories.
  • By the time they graduate high school, they have learned to write in many different ways.

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