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Help in school

These are some tips for you and your child's teacher. They will help when your child is learning to write in the classroom.

Talk with your child before he writes

  • If your child communicates in ASL and English is his second language, it may be easier for him to first sign his ideas in ASL. Then he can write it out in English.
  • Talk about how your child can find out more information about the subject.
  • Talk about who your child is writing to - a friend? A teacher? Other kids?
  • Talk about what your child should write. Should he write a note, letter, report, or other form of writing?
  • Always give examples. If the assignment is to write a story, give your child an example.
  • First, try to write a story together. Then ask him to do it on his own.

Write about things your child likes

  • Let your child choose what he wants to write about. This way your child gets to write about something that he likes.
  • Children like to write about themselves. Think of easy topics, like "What are you going to do during the holiday?"
  • Ask your child to draw pictures to go along with his story.

Work together

  • Share writing as often as possible. Ask others to read your child's writing. Only do this if it's okay with him.
  • Pick a partner to proofread your child's work. Another student can pick up on mistakes in spelling and give your child ideas for making the story better.

Be positive!

  • Don't focus on too many mistakes at once. Pick out a few mistakes and work to correct them.
  • Create a checklist of skills taught. He should be responsible for these things when he writes and edits his work.

Practice, practice, practice

  • Practice working on one skill at a time.
  • Practice all kinds of writing with your child. You can practice science lab reports and math problems.
  • Practice typing on the computer. Learn to use spell check.

Have fun with writing!

Share your silly poems and scary stories with your friends and family!

Learn more about teaching writing

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