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Going to college can give your child a lot of opportunities:

  • College can help your child have a better future.
  • Going to college can help your child get a better job.
  • Going to college will give your child more choices.

Going to college takes time, hard work and money. But it's worth it. Read these pages to learn more about sending your child to college:

Saving for College
College costs a lot of money. Find out ways to start saving now for your child's college education.

Choosing a College
What kinds of colleges are there? Are there colleges for children with heraring loss? Read this page for answers to your questions.

Getting Ready for College
Before your child goes to college, she needs to take the right classes and the right tests. And she has to be ready to study hard - on her own. Read this page to learn how to get your child ready for college.

Applying for College
Should your child write that she's deaf on her application? What forms do you need to fill out? How can your child do a college interview? Read this page to find out how to apply to colleges.

Paying for College
How much does college cost? Can you get help to pay for college? Learn how you can get help to pay for college on this page.

Living at College
Where will your child live? How will she learn to take care of herself? Read this page to learn how to prepare your child (and yourself) for college life.

Getting Help in College
Your child may need help in college, like interpreters, notetakers, and tutors. Learn what kind of help your child can get, and how she can get it.

Not sure if your child should go to college? Read these tips from Gallaudet University to help you make your decision.

Read these great resource guides on the web from The Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Teenspace.

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