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Teach your child math

You can help your child learn math these ways:

  • Use flash cards
    The more your child remembers, the less time it will take to do problems that use multiplication and division. You can "quiz" your child by using cards or cut-up pieces of paper that have a problem on one side and the answer on the back.
  • Teach your child basic number signs.
    Help connect the language of math to sign language. For example, hold up one finger for 1, two fingers for 2, and so on.
  • Use models, puzzles, and drawings.
    This will allow your child to work with her hands and become more involved.
  • Use toys for counting games.
    Show your child how to count using toys or candy. This will make learning more fun.
  • Download free flashcards, games, puzzles, and word problems.
    Get free stuff at A+ Math and Math Goodies.

Practice solving problems with your child:

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