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Help with math

Math isn't always easy. But everyone can learn math.
Read about how you can help your child with math at home and in school.

Help your child at home. Here are some ways to make math homework easier

  • Make sure your child understands what problems to do for homework.
  • Ask your child to look over any class notes.
  • Read over the start of each chapter.
  • Do the practice problems in the book.
  • Check over your child's work.
  • Use the answer key in the back of the book.
  • See if your child has a "study buddy," a friend who can help.

Help your child at school. Ask for help from your child's school:

  • Ask your child's teacher about getting after-school help.
  • See if your child's school has any tutors.
  • Talk to your child about joining a study group.
  • Make sure your child is taking the math classes that are right for him.

Get help from websites.

  • Dr. Math. Dr. Math answers all your questions about formulas and equations for all grades.
  • Math Help. This is a great website for help with fractions, decimals, integers, percents, etc.
  • Funbrain. Play "Math Baseball," a really fun game of math problems. You choose your own level.
  • Cool math. A fun website with games, puzzles, brain benders, and math lessons.
  • Webmath. This website has information on just about every type of math there is.
  • Edhelper. This website can help you to create math worksheets.
  • The Standards Site. Read this article about mathematics and Deaf children.
  • Read more about Homework on our website.

Get Help from booklets
There are also booklets published by the Department of Education. They are not specificly for deaf kids. However, both have lots of ideas for families. You can get information on ordering them from the US Department of Education at:

US Department of Education
ED Pubs
PO Box 1398
Jessup, MD 20794-1398

TTY/TDD: 1-877-576-7734

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