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Speech Therapists

Read this section to find out what a Speech therapist is and why they are so important.

A hearing child learns language by listening and copying. Your hard of hearing or deaf child may have trouble doing this. This is why deafness can be so serious. Deafness separates your child from other people, because it separates her from language

What is a speech therapist?
A Speech Therapist is also called a Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP). An SLP serves a very important role in your child's education. An SLP:

  • Brings your child closer to people by making her speech and language skills better.
  • Shows your child how to listen and understand when people talk. This helps her connect with the speaking world around her.
  • Helps your child learn to speak and communicate as best she can.

Why is a speech therapist so important?
An SLP helps your child improve her speech and language. This knowledge will help her succeed in school. Knowing and understanding the English language helps her to:

  • Understand what she reads.
  • Understand grammar and sentences.
  • Learn new words.
  • Learn how to understand when people communicate with her.

"Speech therapy is so important. It helps with reading, writing and just being a better communicator. Knowledge of the English language is so important for success in school. That's what our job is, to provide that foundation."

—   Carla, Speech and Language Pathologist

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