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How to Get ESY for Your Child

Work with your child's IEP team to get Extended School Year services (ESY).

If your child needs help learning during school breaks, ask for an IEP meeting to see if your child can get ESY. Ask for an IEP meeting as early in the school year as you can. This gives you and your IEP team time to think about what help your child needs. And it gives you time to appeal if you don't agree with what they say.

Showing your IEP team that your child needs help
To see what help your child needs, your IEP team will look at:


  • Letters between you and your child's teachers on how you're your child is doing with his IEP goals
  • Report cards and samples of his homework and classwork
  • Test results, especially before and after school breaks
  • Reports by therapists, counselors and teachers about how your child was doing before and after school breaks
  • How you think your child is doing at home
  • Medical reports that say your child has problems when there is a break in school

To help your child get ESY, collect information that shows he needs it, like the things listed above. Here's when to do it:

  • Throughout the school year
  • Before and after all school vacations
  • Before and after your child has been out of school for other reasons
  • At the end of the regular school year
  • At the end of summer
  • At the start of the next regular school year
  • At the end of the next regular school year

If you don't have this information, your IEP team will look at what doctors, teachers or other parents say about getting extra help.

Does my child have to show that he loses skills over school breaks to get ESY services?
No. You only have to show that your child needs this help to progress in school. This is part of getting a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).

What if I don't agree with what my IEP team decides?
If you don't agree with your IEP team, read our page on How to Agree or Disagree with Your Child's IEP.

Adding ESY to your child's IEP
Once your IEP team agrees to add this special help to your child's IEP, remember to include:

  • What kind of help your child will get
  • When the help should start, and how long it will last
  • How often your child will get help
  • Where your child will get help

If you want your child to get this help every year
Do you think ESY every year could help your child? Then talk about it with your IEP team. Do this when you're ready to write your child's next IEP.

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