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School Choices

Find the school that fits your child the best.

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Has your baby's hearing loss been confirmed? If it has, you may want to start thinking about where he'll go to school. Read this section to find out what kinds of schools and programs are out there.

Schools for the deaf
What is a deaf school? Is it right for your child?
Read these pages to find out.

Can your child go to the local school with his neigborhood pals? Check out this section to see if that's the best fit.

Home Schooling
Should your child be taught at home? Read this section to find out if you think home schooling is a good idea for you and your child.

How do I pick a school?
Read more about the good and bad sides to the different kinds of schools. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Find out what schools there are in your area.
    • Ask your audiologist and other people who work with children with hearing loss.
    • Call your school district and ask what choices they offer.
  2. Talk to parents of deaf children already in school.
    • Ask them how their children like the school.
      Don't forget to ask the students, too!
  3. Visit as many schools as you can.
    • Sit in on classes if possible.
    • Talk to the principal and teachers.
  4. Compare schools.
  5. Choose the school that best meets your child's needs.

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