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School Rights

Read this section to learn about laws that help your child get a good education

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School can be a confusing time for parents of deaf children. Your child may need different services in school to do well.
There are laws to protect you.

Read the following sections to see what laws help your child get a good education.

The Indivuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a set of laws that can help your child get many different services. Read about these laws and how they help your child from preschool to high school.

Section 504
Section 504 is a law that can help your child get treated more fairly in school. Read this page to find out more about this law.

Extended School Year
Does your child have trouble over the summer remembering what he learned during the school year? Or does he have trouble getting back into the swing of things when school starts again? Then he may need Extended School Year help. Read this page to find out how you can get it.

School Interpreters
If your child goes to school mainly with hearing children, he may need help in communicating with others in school. An interpreter can help. Read this page to find out how you can get one.

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