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What Health Insurance Covers

There are many health services your child will need. Read these pages to find out what health insurance plans cover.

By law, all doctors must provide an interpreter for your child if you ask for one. Be sure to let your doctor know when you're making the appointment that your child will need an interpreter. This will become more important as your child gets older.

If you think your child has a hearing loss, or you feel your child's hearing loss is getting worse, you will need to have your child tested by an audiologist. These tests can cost a lot, but are usually covered by most insurance plans. Read our pages on testing to find out more.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs). Some insurance plans may cover part or all of the costs of ALDs, like FM systems. Medicare usually does not cover these costs. Your child's school may be able to give you ALDs to use in school. Read more about Assistive listening devices.

Hearing aids. Some health insurance plans don't pay for the costs of hearing aids. Medicaid will pay for your child's hearing aid. You will also need insurance for your child's hearing aid in case it needs repair. Read more about hearing aids.

Cochlear implants. Many insurance plans will cover the costs of getting a cochlear implant, including ear fitting. Medicaid also helps pay for cochlear implant surgery, even if your child has it more than once. Read more about Cochlear Implants.

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For more information about getting help to pay for your child's hearing aid or cochlear implant, read Listen Up!.

Your child may need extra therapy. Therapy can help your child communicate better with others. Some insurance plans may pay for part or all of these services. Early intervention programs will pay for some therapy, too.

Always check to see what's covered by your insurance plan before you make an appointment with the doctor!

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Read Insurance Tips for Families.

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