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Can My Child Hear?

Get your child's hearing tested right away if you think she has a hearing loss.

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If you think your child has a hearing loss, get her hearing tested right away. Here's why:

  • Children learn how to talk and use words during the first few years of life.
  • After the first few years, learning how to communicate gets harder.

Read these pages to learn how your baby can be tested:

Screening Newborns
Today, hospitals often test babies' hearing soon after they're born.
Read this page to learn why they do it.
See how these programs work.

Visiting an Audiologist
See an audiologist as soon as you think your child has a hearing loss.
Read these pages to see what the audiologist can do for her.

Hearing Tests
Have you ever tried to do your own "test" for hearing loss?
Maybe you tried to make noises behind your child's head, like jingling keys or clapping hands. Those "tests" don't work.
Read about real tests for hearing on this page.

After the hearing test, you get a chart of what your child can hear.
The chart is called an audiogram.
Read this page to learn what the different parts mean.

Other Medical Tests
There are some illnesses that go along with deafness.
Read about some tests to find if your child has them.

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