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Visiting an Audiologist

Visit an audiologist to see if your child needs a hearing test.

What an audiologist can do for your child

  • Test your child's hearing picture of a girl holding her ear
    • Your child may need many different tests if the results of the first test aren't clear.
  • Help your child get hearing aids
    • He'll tell you what kind of hearing aids will help your child the most.
    • He'll make molds of your child's ears.
    • Many audiologists can lend you hearing aids until you get your own.
    • He can help you apply for financial assistance to help pay for the hearing aids.
  • Help take care of your child's hearing aids
    • He makes sure the hearing aids fit properly.
    • He'll check the hearing aids to make sure they are working.
  • Keep track of your child's hearing
    • He can see if your child's hearing gets better or worse. This helps him get the best hearing aid for your child as she grows.
    • Babies and toddlers: See the audiologist every 6 months.
    • Older children: See the audiologist once a year or more often if needed.
  • Give you information
    • He may tell you to call someone in your state, county or school district to find out what programs are near you.
    • He may tell you about schools and other programs near you.
    • He may put you in touch with other parents of children with hearing loss.
    • He may tell you about different ways to communicate with your child

Where to find an audiologist
Audiologists work in many different places:

  • hospitals
  • doctor's offices
  • their own homes
  • local schools
  • schools for the deaf

How to find a good audiologist
There are many different audiologists. You need to find a good one for your child.
Here's how:

  • Ask your child's doctor to refer you to an audiologist.
  • Ask other parents of children with hearing loss for a good audiologist.
  • Ask the school for the deaf near you.

To make sure you're getting the best audiologist for your child:

  • Ask the audiologist if he's worked with young children before.
    • Many audiologists work with older people.
    • Try to get a pediatric audiologist. This kind of audiologist works with children. He'll have the right equipment to test young children.
  • Ask if he's certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).
    • ASHA is a group for audiologists and speech and language pathologists.
    • ASHA gives audiologists a certificate of clinical competence for audiology (CCC-A) after they pass a test and get some experience.
  • Ask if he's allowed to work as an audiologist.
    • In some states, audiologists need a license to practice.

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