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Genetics of Hearing Loss

About half of all cases of childhood deafness are due to heredity or genetics. This means that the deafness has been passed down through the family. Even if you don't know anyone in your family who has a hearing loss, there may be a genetic reason for your child’s hearing loss.

A lot of what is known about the genetics of hearing loss has been learned only in the past 10 years. New things are being learned every day.

In this section, we give answers to some of your questions about hearing loss. Click on the questions below to learn more:

Is it important to know if my child has a genetic form of hearing loss?
Are all genetic forms of hearing loss the same?
How is hearing loss inherited?
How can I find out if my child’s hearing loss is genetic?

Learn more about genetic hearing loss by visiting this website:

Genetics and Deafness at the Boystown National Research Hospital website

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