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Waardenburg Syndrome

Read this page to find out about Waardenburg Syndrome.

What Waardenburg Syndrome is
Waardenburg Syndrome (WAR-den-burg sin-DRUM) is passed on from parent to child. Waardenburg Syndome is different for each person.

  • Most children with Waardenburg Syndrome have skin, hair, and eye color that look different.
  • Children with WS are often born with some hearing loss.

What Waardenburg Syndrome looks like
Children with Waardenburg Syndrome may have:

  • Two different colored eyes, like one blue and one brown
  • Different hair color, like a patch of white or gray hair
  • Wide space between the corners of their eyes
  • Low hairline
  • Eyebrows that connect
  • Changes in skin, like patches of very light skin
  • Hearing loss or deafness

Babies born with cleft lip or palate may also have Waardenburg Syndrome. Cleft lip and palate is a separation between the lip and mouth.

  • They are more likely to have buildup of fluid in the middle ear.
  • This can lead to hearing loss.

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