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Drugs and Alcohol

Read these pages to learn more about drugs and alcohol.


  • How to find out if your teen is using drugs and alcohol
  • What you can do about it
  • How to Get support from schools

What substance abuse is: sick girl

  • Substance abuse is what happens when teens use drugs and alcohol to feel better.
  • They become dependent on drugs and alcohol. This means they feel they need the drug to feel better.
  • Teens may start using drugs all the time, and forget about everything else.

How substance abuse affects teens with hearing loss:
Teens with hearing loss may use drugs and alcohol for many reasons. They may:

  • Want to fit in with their hearing friends.
  • Think drugs will help fix their problems.
  • Think that things can't get any worse and they give up.

Hearing loss may cause your teen to feel all alone.

  • Your teen may feel different from other kids.
  • He may feel angry that no one understands him.
  • Your teen may feel sad or bad about himself.
  • He may be depressed.
  • He may use drugs or alcohol to help him feel better.
  • If your teen is using drugs and alcohol, he has a serious problem that needs help fast.

    Read about the signs of substance abuse and how you can tell if your teen has a problem.

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