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Renie Kaufman

Your Guide to Your Teenager: Growing Up With Hearing Loss

Renie Kaufman is a counselor for deaf students at the Mountain Lakes High School in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. She is your guide to this section about helping your child through the teen years.

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Your Teenager

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Read these pages to help you understand what your teenager is going through.

Your child is going through a lot of changes.
Adolescence (a-doe-LESS-sens) is when your child becomes an adult. During this time, your child is changing in all kinds of ways:

  • His mind
  • His body
  • Who he is friends with
  • His feelings
  • What he believes in

It may be scary to see your baby turn into a grumpy teenager.
But try not to worry. Most teenagers do grow through these stages.

When adolescence starts, and how long it lasts
Adolescence starts with puberty (pyoo-ber-tee).
Puberty is when children's bodies change so that they can have children, too. Puberty starts around age 10 for girls, and age 12 for boys.

For most teenagers, adolescence ends around age 20.
At that time, your child is ready to face the world as a young adult.
He is ready to work, to study, to love and to live with others.

Your teen will learn what values are important to him.
During this time, your teenager may learn:

  • What values are important to him
  • What is right and wrong
  • How independent he wants to be
  • How he will relate to his parents and friends

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Talk to your teenager about these changes.
Talk to your teenager about the changes in his body, his feelings and other parts of his life. Make sure he knows that you want to listen. And make sure he knows where to get answers to his questions - you, other adults you trust and responsible friends.

Read these pages to learn more about how your child may change and grow:

Your Teenager's Body
Learn how your teen's body is changing.

Your Teenager's Mind
Learn how your teen's mind is changing.

Your Teenager and Your Family
Learn how you and your family can help your child become an adult.

Your Teenager and Friends
Learn how friends are becoming a bigger part of your teen's life. Find out how to help your teen find friends and keep them.

Your Teenager and Drugs and Alcohol
Learn what to look for if you think your teen is using drugs and alcohol. Find out how to help your teen stop using drugs and alcohol.

Your Teenager and Driving
Learn how to help your teenager learn how to drive.

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