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Your Guide to 'Your Child's Sexuality'

Christine Gannon

Christine L. Gannon is the Professional Development Manager at Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania (www.ppsp.org). She teaches children and trains adults in sexuality education. Her specific interests are in professional training, working with the deaf community and teaching about HIV/AIDS. She is your guide to this section about your child's sexuality.

Your Child's Sexuality

As soon as your child is born, she begins learning about sexuality. This is a very important topic for her to learn about. But, it can be a difficult topic to talk about. This section will help you learn to talk to your child about sexuality.

What does 'Sexuality' mean?
The word 'sexuality' means more than sex. Sexuality can mean how:

bird and flower

  • Your body grows and changes over the years
  • You feel about your body
  • You have relationships with other people
  • You talk and listen to other people
  • Women change when they are pregnant
  • Women have babies
  • Men and women are alike and different

Where does my child learn about sexuality?
Your child can learn about sexuality from many different places. She can learn about sexuality from:

  • Television and radio
  • Friends
  • Teachers and other adults
  • Parents and family members
  • School
  • Church or other religious places

Why should I teach my child about sexuality?
Learning about sexuality is very important. This is because:

  • Sexuality is an important part of your child.
  • Your child is valuable. She has the right to protect her body from:
    • Sexual abuse
    • Emotional abuse
    • Diseases
    • Pregnancy
  • It helps your child feel good about herself.
  • You can give your child clear information about sexuality.
  • It will help your child make better decisions in the future.
  • You are raising your child to be a healthy and independent adult.

Read these sections to find out more about talking to your child about sexuality:

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