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Playing and Learning

Parents often tell their children that working hard will help them grow. But playing and learning with your child is also work that teaches your child in a different way. Sometimes learning and playing is called center time, or floor time. Read this section to find out more about playing and learning with your child.

Playing and learning is important for every child. But it can really help your child if he has trouble:

  • Talking and playing with other children
  • Giving or receiving attention
  • Sharing or showing his feelings

Playing and Learning can help your child with many things.
It can help him:

  • Communicate with other people.
  • Think and learn
  • Learn how to really use his hands, arms and legs. (motor skills)
  • Understand his feelings
  • Listen and follow directions

When you play with your child, you:

  • Follow your child's lead and play at what he is interested in
  • Encourage your child to interact with you.
  • Try to make the activities have two-way communication.

Find out more about Floor Time:

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