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What You Can Do to Help Your Child's Self-Esteem

Read these tips for making your child feel better about herself:

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Tell your child you're proud of her. Let your child know that you think she's the best kid in the whole world. Say:

  • "You're good at that."
  • "You did a good job!"
  • "You've worked hard."
  • "You make me proud."
  • "You tried hard."
  • "You can do it."

Spend time with your child.

  • Hug your child a lot.
  • Follow her lead - spend time doing what your child likes.
  • Play together, read together, or watch a movie together.
  • Practice sports and music together.
  • Or just talk.

Include your child. It's hard to be the only deaf or hard of hearing person in a family.

  • Always include your child when your family is talking.
  • Find ways to communicate with your child.
  • When you go somewhere, make sure you bring her.
  • Help her join in and be a part of the group.

Find other kids with hearing loss. Try to find other kids like your child so they can share and be friends. It's important your child has a special friend she can talk to.

Find a mentor for your child. You love your child very much, but you may not know what she's going through.

  • It's hard to be deaf in a hearing world.
  • Your child needs to see grown-ups with hearing loss who feel good and are happy.
  • Your child needs to know that she can get a good job, have a family of her own, and make lots of friends.
  • Having a deaf adult to talk to can help her out a lot.

Deaf mentors can help:

  • They can come to your home and teach you and your family sign language.
  • They can give you information about Deaf culture, and help you find services.
  • Deaf mentors can be role models for your child.
  • Read What is a deaf mentor?.

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