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Your School-Age Child

Read this section to find out how school-age children grow and learn, and how you can help your child.

You might be wondering what to expect from your child. Whatís normal for children of different ages? How will your childís hearing loss change things? Should you treat your child differently than a child with normal hearing?

Youíve come to the right place! Read these sections to learn the answers to these and other questions.

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How Your Child Grows and Learns About Feelings
Children with hearing loss may follow different paths in growing up. This could be because they have other medical problems that affect their development. Read this page to learn how your child may grow and learn about feelings.

How Your Child Learns in School and at Home
All children learn in different ways. They learn from watching people, reading books, and trying new things. Children with normal hearing also learn from listening. They hear so much information every day. They listen to people sitting on the train, at the grocery store, and the teacher at school. They listen to conversations at the dinner table, even when it is not meant for their ears. And they learn by talking to friends.

Children with a hearing loss can learn, too. But they miss all of the learning that happens from listening. They need to learn all of this information in different ways. Find out how your childís hearing loss changes the way she learns about the world.

Becoming Independent
Children start becoming independent when they are very young, one step at a time. Sometimes it is hard for a parent of a deaf child to know how much to let their child explore the world on her own. Crossing the street, going to the corner store, and riding a bicycle in the neighborhood are examples of small steps that some parents worry about with their child who is deaf. Read this page to find out how you can help your child become independent.

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