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How Your Baby Learns

Read this page to see how babies learn.

Babies are always learning
Being a baby means learning all the time.
Your baby uses his eyes to take in information about the world.

What your baby learns

You react to what your baby does

Babies start by learning that they are people.
They learn they are separate but related to their parents.
They learn they can get you to do things:

  • They find out they can get your attention by screaming.
  • They find out they can get you to smile by making faces.
  • They find out that you will "coo" and "ooh" and "ahhh" with them, just because they're babies!

drawing of a heart

Just like other babies, your baby can let you know what she wants.
She uses the same facial expressions, cries and smiles when you would expect her to. The only difference is she probably won't hear all the nice things you say to her.

What a "relationship" is

When your baby sees someone is with her, she'll "lock in" on that person and study him. She'll try to figure out what's going on, and join in the play.

This is your baby's first experience with a relationship.
Your baby is an equal partner in it!

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