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Your Baby

Read this section to learn how your baby may grow and learn.

You may be very confused as to what to expect from your baby.
What is normal for a baby? How should you treat your baby?
Will things be different because your baby has a hearing loss?
Read these sections to find answers to these questions and more.

Baby in a pumpkin costume

How Your Baby Grows and Changes
All babies grow up in different ways. For some, this could be because they were born too early. Others may have had other medical problems.
Read this page to learn how your baby may grow.

How Your Baby Learns
Babies learn all the time! Knowing how your child does this can help you understand him. Read this page to find out how babies learn.

How You Can Help Your Baby
All babies need love and attention. Your baby is no different.
But you may have to show your baby that you love him, instead of just saying the words. Read this page to learn how to do this.

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