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My Baby Has a Hearing Loss

Check out these links if your baby has a hearing loss.

My baby has a hearing loss.

You may feel overwhelmed by everything you're being told. These pages will help explain things that may seem confusing. This information will help you make decisions over the next days, weeks and months.

Hearing Loss
Read this section to learn more about the different kinds of hearing loss, and what can cause them.

Visiting an Audiologist
Read this page to find out what to expect when you see an audiologist.

Hearing Tests
Read this page to learn about hearing tests your baby may get.

Read this page to find out what your baby's audiogram means.

Other Medical Tests
Your doctor or audiologist may tell you to have other tests done.
Read this page to find out why those tests are helpful.
Learn how they're done.

Early Intervention
Read this section to see what help your baby should get right away.

Communicate with Your Baby
Read this section for ideas about how you can "talk" to your baby even if he can't hear you.

Growing Up with Hearing Loss - Your Baby
Read this section to learn about how your baby will change and grow.

Read this section to learn about hearing aids and other devices that may help your baby.

Parents Talk About Finding Out Their Children Have Hearing Loss
Read what other parents say about getting the news that their child has a hearing loss. Tell us what you think.

Stories from Other Families
Read what other families did after they found out their child had a hearing loss. Share your story.

Look here for groups, books, videos and other websites that may help you.

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